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The latest news:

Oct 2020

It's been a long time. Almost 20 years of audio-plugin development, with 17 years of commercial plugin development.
I've decided to quit the plugin game and challenge myself with some new tasks. I've now started working in the studio-speaker business (helping with developing tools for production lines, tests and quality assurance, some R&D and DSP along the way).

I'll keep this place alive for people to download the Windows versions of the old plugins. But the Mac versions won't be available any more. They weren't of any use for more recent Mac OS versions anyway, and I couldn't maintain them myself over the years.
The code itself belongs to Magix since 2003 (at the time I went full-time DSP), and so there was no way to change any of these things myself either. But probably no major loss, since the market for music-production tools has evolved so much over time, for the better.

Feb 2019

Haven't done much here for a long time (again...), so here's some update:
  • 2019: Here's my new band (I'm their drummer):
    THE BOARD on YouTube
    THE BOARD on Facebook

  • Late 2018: due to the GDPR thing, I've deactivated and trashed my guest book on this side, as I don't have time & money to invest on lawyers in case somebody wants to sue me for whatever evil world-domination plan I might be up to...

  • 2014: put bass-guitar aside, grabbed sticks. Started to learn drumming.

March 2013

Been busy. Apparently. Almost 4 years without significant updates here. Here's why (partly):
  • June 2012: After 11.5 years and many exciting (and probably successful) contributions to their plugin portfolio, I left the team at Magix and got hired by the smart guys at u-he.com

  • Nov. 2012: Birth of my 2nd daughter, Greta Johanna. Cute thing, you've turned us into insomniac zombies.

  • March 2013: working hard on two software projects at u-he, to be shown at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, in April. TBA.

April. 09, 2009

Going on Easter vacation here. Before, just some new life signs.

This is my current project:

VANDAL Virtual Guitar & Bass Amplification

I'm running a development blog here:

A new & fresh approach to amp modelling.
  • Amp & cabinet are 100% analog/physical modelling. No convolution. 100% responsiveness, character, soul.
    No static sound as often associated with amp sims.
    This thing lives, and responds in a very sensitive way to your guitar/bass & playing style.

  • No-nonsense all-in-one approach. Most stuff is there: stomps, tuner, amp, cabinet, 2 studio-style post-fx units.
    But no looper, no tape recorder, no gadgets.

  • No emulations of Fenders, Marshalls, Mesas, Ampegs, whatever. 100% custom-amp technology. Built from the ground up.
    Packed with endless ways to sculpture the sound. Capable of re-creating famous tones, but also achieve new ones.

  • high-quality sound (4x oversampling on all nonlinear stages), low cpu consumption

  • Full midi control. Every internal parameter can be externally controlled. Powerful, yet laughably easy.

Scheduled for early summer within Samplitude 11 and as VST (to be announced).
Stay tuned :)

April. 11, 2008

Because of the ever-increasing flood of spam, I've deleted my old email address (sascha@digitalfishphones.com).
People trying to contact me should take one of these:

  • Private mails:

  • plugin-specific queries:

Jul. 21, 2006

For those who are curious about the upcoming VariVerb (in Samplitude/Sequoia V9), here are a few snippets that I've made this morning.
The processed files use the built-in presets. For clarity, I've mentioned the underlying algorithm in the file name.

loop original
loop classic chamber - algo retro room
loop medium room - algo room B
sampledrums original
sampledrums snare plate a - algo plate A
sampledrums snare plate b - algo plate B
sampledrums studio room a - algo room A
sampledrums studio room b - algo room B
clapping original
clapping small and intimate - algo room A
clapping early reflections - algo room A
clapping large n dark - algo room B
clapping small concert hall - algo hall A
clapping dark cathedral - algo hall B
clapping nebular extra large - algo retro hall
clapping combo springs a - algo spring A
clapping stereo sprooiing - algo spring B
guitar original
guitar chorus clouds - algo plate A

Jul. 10, 2006

...meanwhile at Magix... It's taken me almost a whole year of intensive research, coding, testing etc.
But it's done. Our betas are already highly enthusiastic and I can hardly wait until it's out. Here's my contribution to the coming Samplitude/Sequoia v9:

It's a high-quality box full of lush, dense & classic reverberation that follows the path of renowned outboard gear. Really, no convolution is taking place. Some aspects of reverberation can't be captured by impulse responses.
VariVerb is based on different algorithmic models (and I *mean* different, not just different param sets like some others...).
Every algo takes a different approach to reverberation and introduces an own sonic character. That adds up to a versatile and variable reverb box. Hence the name.
Be surprised ;)

Also coming up next: 

The am|phibia tube preamp / channel strip. We've already shown it to some people at the Musikmesse, though we couldn't present it in its whole beauty.
am-phibia definitely demands time to get explored entirely. But it's already shown to have balls and a quality of its own, as some say (not me). Just wanted a channel strip, but at some point, I just couldn't stop. This beast simply has taken over. Sorry ;)


What is it? It 's really like having many boxes in one.
Adding tube tone to vocals?
Cleaning up the channel?
Adding classic passive-only equalisation?
Want hard-kicked opto limiting as un-digital as can be?
Classic, responsive eq-network/delay-line based cabinet simulation?
Tube-driven dual-band Exciter?
Baxandall filters? Sallen-Key?
Oversampled tube gain stage?
Real, dynamic, bottom-shaking tube tone, not cheap waveshaping?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Anything more from the ex-fish kitchen? Well, the other 'analogue modelling suite' tools (am|track, am|pulse) were revised, refined, redesigned and equipped with new functionality.
They'll look and - surely more important - sound better now.
As said, coming with Sam/Seq V9.

That's all for now. I just wanted to give some new live signs here.
It should also be clearer now that I still don't consider further Mac or ProTools ports of my old stuff. People still keep on asking me such but I'm simply not interested. I've got *weapons* at hand now, the old stuff was sort of youth sins, you know... ;)

Oct. 28, 2005

Just a quick note, if you're around Berlin this weekend: Electronic Pleasures III

My band Caretaker is doing the opener's job. Going to be a cool festival. See ya :)

June 2005

Nothing much went on here lately. Just in short what happened the past months:

- Became father in June (Lina Marie, 3520g, 55cm, SPL 129db(A))
- Married in Dec 2004
- Released our Album 'amorph' with Caretaker, in Feb 05 (at last!)
- Got my CMAS brevet (means: learned diving) last autumn
- Worked on various projects for Samplitude (vintage effects suite and other stuff (still secret)) all of the time

Important notes (due to popular demand):
- No, no additional Mac ports. In particular, no endorphin & dominion for OSX. I am asked over and over again, but as said: no way
- No, no ever-so-simple additions, improvements, bugfixes, customizations to the existing plugins. Pointless to ask because I've stopped developing that freeware long ago.
- No, no ports to other plugin formats such as RTAS.
- Most popular question: 'What can I do for you?'/'Do you want something in return for the plugins?'. Yeah, of course: go and buy a copy of Samplitude ;)

August 20, 2004

Some live signs here...;)
Okay, we've recently finished the development of Samplitude v8 & Sequoia v8 at Magix and both are available since 2 weeks (in Germany). I got tons of work load to do with the analogue modelling suite and the robota drumsynth that I'm pretty exhausted right now (but it's been worth it, really!). At Caretaker, we've partly shifted our time schedule for the release of our album due to that. Hum. So the album will come out late September, I think.
But maybe then it's synchronized with the release of Sam & Sequoia 8 in the other countries :)

We're giving a 40min live set a the cult open air 'Umsonst & Drauen' ('free & outdoors') in D-32602 Vlotho on Fri, Aug. 27th. So if you're around, drop on by.

For those trying to contact me during the next days & weeks: I'll be off the net (going on holidays) until September 12.

May 10

[commercial break on]

digitalfishphones is making music...

I'm currently in the process of making an album for my band 'caretaker'. If you are into synth pop/EBM styles, check out our re-launched website at www.caretaker-online.de (site & music is all German, though). We've put a few snippets of new tunes online for you to take a listen.

You've got the chance to see us live at the upcoming 'Wave&Gothik Treffen' in Leipzig on May 30th.

[commercial break off]

March 31

Huh, it's been a long time since I've touched this page...

Of course I've been busy. My band's album is making progress (planned for July) and at Magix, the upcoming release of Samplitude 8 is keeping us up all night.
Musikmesse Frankfurt has opened now. If you've got the opportunity, come on over at Hall 5.1/B36.

To reveal a few secrets... here's something I am recently working on...:

I won't go much into details here. But you can ask me on Thursday or Friday at the booth ;)

September 08

I'm back from holidays (2 weeks in Portugal, trying to surf the altantic waves, my body's still aching all over).
For a few days, this page seemed to have been unavailable. I avoided any contact with computers for 14 days, so I didn't have a notion.
Funny thing, I read about people shouting 'dfp is gone?'. Well, I was surprised too, but it turned out to be an IP address lag since my provider changed its carrier company and all the domains had to get new IPs. Then, due to further work, they had to switch off the PHP support, and without, this site won't work at all. ;)
So, to point it out clearly: digitalfishphones will not close. The 'fish' plugins can be seen as retired fish. Maybe they've never been wise, but they are here to become old and older... :)

Oh, and thanks for all the people who've written me in the last days, giving me positive feedback on my decision to stop developing for free.

August 22

No updates for quite a while, I know. For several reasons.
- digitalfishphones is leaving the freeware show. Yes. No kidding. No more updates of my software here. The whole story is here.
- It's holiday time. After a huge work load, I'll be off for 2 or 3 weeks now.

April 04:

At last, the 'fish fillets' plugin package is available as AudioUnits for MacOS X!
Urs Heckmann successfully compiled the three fish as one single AU component (version 1.1 as on the PC).
Downloadable from the 'fish fillets' page.

February 19:

I've updated the v1.1 zip file of the 'fish fillets' (PC/Win): the 'blockfish' compressor tended to produce some low-frequency rumble noise at high saturation settings and the 'complex' mode switched in. This has been fixed as well as some minor changes within the compressor path.
However, the version number is still stuck at 1.1. It's too much of work to change this in all of the three plugins, their interface and the manuals just because of 10 lines of code that had changed.
If you're unsure that you've got the latest version: the new file 'blockfish.dll' is date of Feb 16.
As soon as Urs Heckmann finds the time to change the Mac code, an equivalent v1.1 package will be available as well (VST & AU).

What's also important:
digitalfishphones will slow down for the coming weeks. I am currently moving house here in Berlin and have tons of things going on in the 'real world' right now, so please accept the fact that the plugin stuff is not always on top of my priority list.
I will 'unplug' the development computer as well as my studio gear within the next days, so I'll be unable to do much of support or code examination.

February 04:

Sorry for those who are still waiting for the 'fish fillets' AudioUnits versions for Mac OSX. The port by Urs is on the way and he recently started a beta testing phase of 'blockfish'.
Drop him a mail (urs@u-he.com) if you wish to participate and give some input.
However, we've found a few issues with blockfish that have to be fixed the coming weekend. I will also update the PC version as something weird is going on with the audio under extreme conditions (means: 'treat me bad...!'). Funny that apparently noone else did encounter that by now...

Next in the pipeline is the PC port of the 'Zoyd' synth by Urs, a real killer device... (www.u-he.com/zoyd. This one will keep my eyes red and square-shaped for quite a long time...

January 12:

The PC(Win) update of the 'fish fillets' plugin package (v1.1) is available now!
Updated Mac archives will be posted in a few days.

January 04:

Happy new year! :)
I'm back from Christmas holidays and are currently examining all those emails that came in the last two weeks. So please forgive me if you don't receive an instant response.
The work on the PC/Win bugfixes for the fish fillets will start the next days and will hopefully fix issues with Cubase SX and Win XP usage.

December 28:

It seems we've sorted out some issues with the 'fish fillets' crashing on some machines.
Urs has updated the Mac versions. Temporarily, he is hosting them directly on u-he.com. Just follow the links for the OS 9 and OSX archives. As soon as I get back home (still on holidays here), I will update the PC/Win versions as well.

December 21:

Thanks to all of you for the words about the 'fish fillets'. I receive tons of emails and requests though I regret I can't answer all of them at the moment.
I'm currently at my parents' home for Christmas, my PC is 400km away from here and I only have occasional access to the web and my email. I'll be back in Berlin around Jan 03.

For those who seem to have problems running the fish fillets under Cubase SX and Win XP: I will rescan the code and try to figure out whether it's me or Steinberg.
If issues with the Mac versions occur, feel free to contact Urs (urs@u-he.com). His brain carries a 24/7 web access implant ;)

December 20:

The 'fish fillets' are finished!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! :D
Go directly here for downloading.

Just a side note:
Urs Heckann and me will provide with AudioUnits version of the fish fillets as well as an AU port of dominion in January 2003. Stay tuned... ;)

December 14:

'fish fillets' update:
The Mac VST port is finished, the 3 plugins seem to work fine. I hope I'll get the rest done the coming week, 'cause I'll be off during christmas.
Urs says an AudioUnits version is in sight as well. Such a port will also include 'dominion' the next year.
Believe it or not, we are among the first developers supporting the new Mac AU interface technology ;)

December 09:

No work on the manuals for the 'fish fillets' this week.

"boooohooohoooo", I hear you say, but I can't change it. No time at the moment.

Tonight, I'll enjoy a concert of one of my favourite bands: Mesh (mesh.co.uk)
The rest of the week, I'll be occupied with doing rehearsals for a gig my own band is having at the weekend; programming sounds, changing basic tracks... you know. Tons of work, so we'll see next week.

November 21:

Salt... CHECK.
Pepper... CHECK.
Where's the lemon???

Okay, the the fish fillets for the PC are ready to be served. I've passed the raw Mac files over to Urs, chef de cuisine Macintosh.
He'll be heating the pan the next days and we'll see if they really taste or if we just get burnt offerings.
In the meantime, I'll be writing the manuals so that you know what you are actually eating and where the bones are located.

Some things have changed with the BLOCKFISH interface presented on the announcement page (1 new button, 1 new knob), but I'm too busy to make a new screenshot.

Dinner tip of the day:
Lay some fresh spinache over some pre-fried (only a little!) sea fish fillets (you can really go for block fish here :D), cover it with mozzarella cheese and a sauce out of cream, onions, lemon juice, salt, pepper etc. and bake it in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes.

October 17:

I've updated the screenshots on the fish fillets page.
There's still a lot of work in progress, but I just wanted to present the new look.
The BLOCKFISH compressor turned out to become a real bomb, I'm quite happy with it.
The FLOORFISH expander is still a bit of a problem child and needs some extra time. SPITFISH is doing fine.

Urs (the guy who compiles the Mac versions) and me needed to slow down a bit as we both have tons of other things going on in our lifes.
So, in the meantime: sit back, take a cup of coffee... there's more to life than this ;)

September 30:


digitalfishphones is back. Been once more too planet Sweden, the best place to rest in this galaxy.
I felt far too exhausted from a huge project at work that I couldn't think of programming any further. Of course, this also affected that plugin stuff at home.

The last week I got my first holidays for this year and set a course to Stockholm. Yeah, I could resist and did not stumble right into the first internet caf... :D
It's been a week without the real Axis of Evil: computers.

Okay, many people keep asking about the fish fillets.
There's always something that keeps me from releasing them. Yesterday, I had another idea out of many, the BLOCKFISH compressor should get some added controls that let you... shhh, not this time ;)
At present, I don't know when it's time for the three little fish to come out. I'll keep you updated.

In the meantime:
Eat some fiskbullar :o)

August 25:

Free fish for all! :)

Dominion v1.2 is available. Besides some code cleanup and bug fixes, the unit now sounds much better. More precisely: warmer and fatter :)
I've put the focus on warming and heating up a signal and simulating analog gear by means of a signal's envelope. I hope this works much better than the previous versions.

Plus, this version is available for the PC AND for the Mac! Yes, you read right, all you Mac users outside, this one's for you as well.
Both downloads (PC & Mac) can be found here.

The Mac version was ported by Urs Heckmann (www.u-he.com), the creator of 'more feedback machine'. Urs will port other plugins from me to the Mac in the near future.

August 06:

I've updated the archive files (PC & Mac) for the normalizer plugin.
By date of today, an archive only contains the plugin file for the insert slot. I've thrown away the 'synth' type as it is apparently not much of use.
Synths can't be 'de-denormalised' due to conceptual reasons, but I've trusted the wrong people who said that it should work at least in Cubase. So I built a thing that wouldn't work.
Sorry for that, next time I'll switch on my brain... ;)

But the fx version is still available and might cure the denormal problem (if the cause of load spikes REALLY is denormalisation and not something else with your machine...).

August 03:

There hasn't been an update of this site for a while. Fact is that I'm quite busy with my job, so there's plenty of time for the plugins.
But: there is a steady work on the fish fillets and currently, dominion is getting an update as well. Sit tight... ;)

In the meantime:
In addition to an article about 'denormalisation' in the German KEYBOARDS magazine, I've created a plugin called the normalizer. This has nothing to do with loudness, more, it doesn't apply an effect at all.
The normalizer just prevents your machine from running into the so-called 'denormal mode' which has been a serious issue with the recent Pentium 4 but also applies to other processors (more precisely: the floating point unit).
If you ever encountered serious load spikes whenever a plugin processes silence, try out plugging the normalizer in front of the faulty plugin within the VST chain.

I've created two PC/Win versions (for the insert FX and Synth slot, the latter might only work with Cubase).
Both are also available as MacOS versions.

June 11:

Guess it's time for some live signs...

For a couple of weeks, I get bombarded with requests for the 'fish fillets' plugins. I think I should let you know:
The plugins are nearly finished. Since the last announcement, I've thrown away most of the code and started from scratch. I've put the focus of the BLOCKFISH compressor on vocals and guitars. Now it might sound almost too transparent and gentle that you have to serialize two or three instances to make it sound unnatural and get drastic changes. But I wouldn't mind ;)
SPITFISH (the de-esser) is working smooth and actually doing what it is supposed to do.
The only coding issue on schedule is the sensing algorithm of the expander/gate plugin FLOORFISH. And finally, of course, writing the docs...
Sit tight ;)

May 7:

The new versions of endorphin and dominion are available now (both v1.1).
I've fixed some bugs and changed the memory slot size to 10 possible presets on both plugins.
Furthermore, the manuals are updated versions and include spelling/grammar corrections (thanks to Steve Dixon!).
The old docs were looking far too pixelated. Now they should look fine on most systems (seems that I've found the right settings in ghostview...).

May 6:

I frequently get a lot of requests for more (and usable) presets in my plugins, especially for dominion, but endorphin as well.
Sorry, I don't use presets that much and spend very little time on creating such.

It's YOUR time to contribute:
If you created presets for dominion or endorphin and would like to share them with others ('programs' or 'banks'), go ahead and send them to me (sascha@digitalfishphones.com).
I will create a special preset area at this site within a couple of days.
The upcoming v1.1 versions of the two plugins will provide with more memory slots.

[When you send in the files, please tell me if it's okay for you to be mentioned on that page.]

May 3:
  • Still shocked: Dominion got a (positive) review in the 06/02 printed issue of the German Keyboards magazine. Almost half a page and some moderated sound examples on the CD, can't believe it :)
    The plugin file is also included on the mag's CD data track, along with endorphin and THD.
    But I still owe you the updated files with bugfixes and better readable docs. Let's hope for the coming weekend, though the weather is becoming better... :)

  • The 'fish fillets' are making progress: Two of the three plugins are nearly finished. The most time- and patience-consuming thing will be *sigh* writing the docs... ;)

April 18:

I'm currently working on a plugin package which I called 'the fish fillets'.
This includes tools for everyday channel processing, easy to use, with a minimum amount of knobs and an intuitive interface.

On schedule:

  • BLOCKFISH. Simple versatile compressor for instruments & voice, includes 'compact' mode for dense material.

  • SPITFISH. A smooth & gentle vocal de-esser.

  • FLOORFISH. An easy-adjustable noise gate with variable floor level.

Available within the next weeks (hope so...).

April 5:

For those of you how are interested in programming audio software and need something to get started with:
I have just added a collection of my favourite links to the 'resources' section.

April 3:

Dominion is here!
Yes, it's ready and waiting for you to be downloaded :)
Go here>...

April 2:

  • Survived the easter days, installed a new (old) Soundtracs mixing desk (my back is still aching), made some music myself again (huh!)

  • Finished coding of dominion (yes!), works better than expected. Still stuck with writing the manual, I can hopefully finish it this evening or tomorrow

  • Fixed a bug in my content management system of this site (broken 'visitors' page)

March 24:
Sorry, dominion is not finished yet.
I got infected with influenzaBAD.knockout, my system's still running in safe mode.
Disinfection sequence in progress...:)

March 8:

I've added a new section to this site named 'resources'. Whenever there's something on my mind that might be of use, I'll post it right there.
As a starter, I've noted down some comments on mixing and mastering that came up since a few people have asked me about my point of view and if I had any recommendations.

March 1:

  • Good bye, f2s.com! Today, my old website has closed. As a lot of sites on the net are still pointing to the old location, I hope things will be fixed soon.
    If YOU see an old link like 'SE audio tools' or 'www.eversmeier.f2s.com' out there, please drop me a note.

  • 'dominion' has reached about 80% of its coding. The envelope stuff, the saturation stages and the hf section are already working, but I want everything to sound much better than it currently does. Here's a small screenshot:

    I hope I'll get things done within the next two weeks (including the time to write the manual...).

January 28:

  • Updated the 'visitors' section. You can now browse through the guest book with a little subnavigation. This takes less time to load.

  • The work on 'dominion' is making progress. I've finished the interface design and completed some initial coding. I will be diving into the audio algos the next weeks...

January 21:

I was amazed about the resonance to the relaunch of my this site and what you girls & boys think about the new release of endorphin.
Thanks so much for all your interest, kind words, critics and whatever :o)
Meanwhile, I am busy again. Last weekend I moved on to a new plugin project called 'dominion'. When finished (in a couple of months), it will take THD's place.
What you can expect: I call it a 'signal modelling device'. It will serve as an insert unit to heat up single sources such as drum tracks and allow adjustments on saturation, coloration and transient response.
Be surprised...

January 11, 2002:

  • Launch of digitalfishphones.com

  • Directing users from www.eversmeier.f2s.com to this new site

  • Release of endorphin v1.0 after 9 month of hard work :o)

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