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  Kayla, on Apr 14 at 3:00 CET:  
Thank you for the great plugins. I live on a very tight budget, so when I find a freeware app for the program or plugin that I need, it's a blessing. So thank you so much for these!
  Gary Ingersoll, on Mar 24 at 1:20 CET:  
Thank you for creating Variverb in Samplitude 11 classic. I've been using it the last six years. Recently the play and record stopped working and than I could not open Samplitude and a codemeter runtime is not installed (code 6) come on the screen. Can you give me any guidance on what to do. Can I reinstall Samplitude with the original cd? Thanks for any help. Gary
  Sam, on Jan 27 at 17:56 CET:  
Thanks! Nice work!
  Beck, on Jan 13 at 19:15 CET:  
Good day. Can i download somewhere audacity with spitfish in it? Cause i can't install it, tried everything. For PC Windows
  Richard James Collier, on Jan 11 at 22:45 CET:  
Thanks. Great damn plug-ins. How do I make the plug-in, Floorfish image larger?
  roberto, on Jan 03 at 19:42 CET:  
hello use your plug-in has always been, and I was fine but now cubase 9 only accepts plug-in 64-bit plan to achieve them
waiting for your feedback I send heartfelt greetings
  pheane, on Dec 28 at 23:06 CET:  
I want Floorfish and dominion plugins urgently pls
  Liz, on Dec 09 at 12:36 CET:  

Hey Sascha!

Thank you so much for your awesome freeware! I'm just experiencing a few issues getting Dominion onto my Ableton. I'm running on a Mac and Ableton is 64 Bits. I contacted Ableton about the issue and they suggested Dominion might be 32 Bits - in which case it wouldn't work for me. I was wondering whether or not this was the case - and if so, do you do a 64 Bit version of it?

Thank you so, so much for your time and help!

  Joe L., on Oct 18 at 19:41 CET:  
I've been using your plugins for a couple years now. Thank you for making them. Seems I get to a point where I try a bunch of other solutions while mixing... then it hits me, Hey maybe one of those 'fish' plugins will do the trick. and sure enough. they always do. Thank you again.
  Erick T, on Sep 09 at 18:32 CET:  
yo! congrats on your plugins!! well, actually i use the Dominion only but... It's the only plugin i use on my kick channel... NO EQ, NO COMP... Dominion its everything for me... FL 11 User here...

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