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  Jonas Wasilco, on Jan 03 at 21:32 CET:  
Blockfish is such an amazing plugin and I use it so much. Its one of the best plugins for bass and vocals.

Thank you so much for making it and making it free! You're awesome!
  Darrell, on Dec 14 at 22:44 CET:  
Thanks for the use of the fish filets set. It is a fine plugin combo, and will be used in my mixes as a prioriy for this point on.
  Dusan, on Nov 21 at 10:15 CET:  
i think your site is very impressive.
Is there a plugin witch working with iMac late 2015 and Protools?
  Rus Gordon, on Nov 14 at 0:36 CET:  
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your work!! I've been using Blockfish for a few years now, and it's by far my most used and most important VST. There were times I've tried to "upgrade" to premium paid plugins before, but found that I still preferred Blockfish for some reason.
Thank you!
Rus Gordon
  atanga, on Aug 11 at 17:11 CET:  
I went to download de-esser plugin
  Alex, on Aug 02 at 21:57 CET:  
Muito show esses plugins, brigado por disponibilizar!
  Sydney, on Jul 08 at 5:05 CET:  
Quite the novice. Right now I need to use SPITFIRE to attend to my terrible sibilance. I THINK I downloaded the program, but I don't see any directions on your pages! If they ARE there, where exactly are they?
  Jeff Himmelrich, on Jul 06 at 1:29 CET:  
Hi Sascha,

My names Jeff. I downloaded fish fillets on my Mac OS x. It's version 10.6.3. I'm on Logic but my logic will not recognize the plug in for some reason. Can you think of why that might be?

  Nikki, on May 30 at 4:09 CET:  
Thank you so much for all of your hard work, time, and energy to make these-- and for keeping it free so that self starters can actually self start. Can't thank you enough.
  Kayla, on Apr 14 at 3:00 CET:  
Thank you for the great plugins. I live on a very tight budget, so when I find a freeware app for the program or plugin that I need, it's a blessing. So thank you so much for these!

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