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free audio plugins (VST & AudioUnits)

This category serves you with audio plugins I developed (between 2001 and 2004). All downloadable stuff here is freeware. To explain things a bit, here is a short overview of necessary terms:

  • VST plugins. This is a standardized software architecture for realtime audio processing.
    It was invented by steinberg media technologies and is designed to be platform independent (well, read below). The technology supports PC (Windows 9x, XP, 2000) and MacOS machines.

  • Audio Units (AU) plugins. AUs came to life from the work of Apple and Emagic on a new standard for the MacOS X platform. They sit on top of 'core audio' system, thereby taking full advantage of Apples' new architecture.
    More info on AudioUnits can be found on www.osxaudio.com
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  • Host. That's the program you will need in order to use a vst or AU plugin. The most common hosts are Cubase, Logic Audio and Wavelab. But there are many more and some programs that provide a DirectX plugin interface (Windows platform) can host VST plugins by installing a DX-to-VST adapter/wrapper...
    But the implementation of the vst architecture may differ. There may be vst plugins that refuse to work on some vst-capable host or are limited in operation.

  • Compatibility. platform independency does not mean you can run a PC-based plugin on a Mac and vice versa. Plugins are binary files and expect an environment they were made for.
    Basically, the source code for VSTs is portable, but the binary file is not. The programmer has to 'compile' (that is: to build lots of 011011000111 the CPU can read) this file on the target platform directly.
    I am always testing my plugins within cubase (3.7 & 5), Samplitude 6 (with the supplied wrapper from fxpansion) and Samplitude 7.
    The Mac versions (VST and AU) are tested by Urs Heckmann at least with Emagic Logic.

  • Performance. You should use a computer that runs fast enough for realtime audio applications. My software is not intended to be excessive or 'hungry'. I would recommend a minimum CPU speed of 233MHz (1 instance of a plugin) for my current versions.

  • Freeware. To cut things short: using my software is free of any charge. But I kindly ask you to give me some written feedback after some period of use.
    I try to deliver reasonable quality and performance, but as usual, you are using the plugs at your own risk.
    A full disclaimer can be found in the manual file included with each download.

My plugins were written with microsoft visual c++ 5, the steinberg vst plugins sdk and a resource control system called girlfriend ® (that I've upgraded to wife ® in the meantime...).


I'd like to thank Thomas Serafini for our discussions on how to simulate some aspects of the analog world, his intensive multiple testings and motivation. Especially THD wouldn't had been possible without this all!

Big thanks go out to Dan Suter, mastering engineer at echochamber. His ears, experience and supply of information had been of great value during the development of endorphin.

Any Mac version of my plugins is compiled by Urs Heckmann (www.u-he.com), the author of 'more feedback machine'. Thanks to Urs for constantly keeping me up to date in this weird plugin world and patiently trying to explain things that my head is too small for... :)

Most of all, thanks to my girl Birgit for endless patience, understanding, supporting my ideas and watching over me in every way.

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